We use pytest as a testing framework. If you are not familiar with it you can view a quick example by following the link above. We chose the pytest framework because of:

  • ease of reading and writing tests

  • auto discovery feature that allows executing all available tests with a single command: it finds every test starting with the test_ prefix in every subfolder.

  • many useful plugins for checking memory consumption, time of execution, coverage and mocking.

Another tool that we use for testing is our onetick-py-test pytest plugin that collects helpful things to ease testing and debugging with OneTick. It’s built on top of the onetick-py package but needs to be installed separately as a python package.


The onetick-py-test package can be installed as easily as onetick-py by using pip:

pip install -U --index-url onetick-py-test

it also installs the pytest package and the necessary dependencies.